The effect of adding stabilizers in the production of CPE chlorinated polyethylene

CPE is a high molecular material made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) through chlorination substitution reaction. The following is about the relevant knowledge of CPE.
I don't know how much understanding and understanding everyone has about this product. It's not very common in daily life, but rather widely used in the industry. So let's learn together why stabilizers and preservatives need to be added in the production of CPE;
This is mainly because CPE is a chlorinated polymer and there are no double bonds on the main bond of CPE, so CPE has good heat resistance and the rate of hydrogen chloride removal during the production process is much slower than that of polyvinyl chloride. During the processing, the vulcanization pipeline will reach a high temperature of 200 degrees, and hydrogen chloride will continue to be generated in this long-term high temperature environment. Therefore, in order to thoroughly understand hydrogen chloride, it is necessary to add hydrogen chloride absorbent in the production formula to ensure the normal progress of vulcanization. At the same time, CPE will age and decompose under the influence of light, heat, and oxygen over time, so stabilizers and preservatives must be added during the production process of CPE.


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