What is the role of ACR processing aids in PVC

What role will ACR processing aids play in PVC? ACR processing aids can promote the plasticization mechanism. Only materials with uniform and good plasticization can produce PVC products with good appearance and mechanical properties. Due to the following characteristics of PVC processing aids, ACR processing aids can enable PVC to have the function of promoting plasticization.
The characteristics of ACR processing aids include:
1. The melting temperature is lower than PVC, and ACR processing aids melt before PVC during the processing.
2. Because of its good compatibility with PVC, it can adhere to PVC particles after melting during processing, increase internal friction, increase shear torque, and generate internal heat, so that the temperature distribution in the material is uniform and the degree of plasticization is uniform, thus promoting the uniform plasticization of PVC materials.
3. Processing aids have a sufficiently large molecular weight, which increases the viscosity (or strength) of the melt during the processing, increases the melt pressure, prevents material slippage, thereby increasing shear torque, significantly increasing the frictional heat between the melt and the metal surface, and promoting the mixing uniformity and plasticization degree of PVC mixtures.
Nowadays, plastic products are gaining popularity, and plastic materials are constantly being developed and applied. There is also a great demand for plastic processing aids. The development of technology has promoted the progress of the industry. ACR series processing aids are commonly used processing aids with good thermal stability, aging resistance, improved material properties, and increased practicality.
ACR processing aids are synthesized by grafting methyl methacrylate onto alkyl acrylic ester elastomers, with a "core shell" structure. Its "core" is a low degree cross-linked acrylic rubber polymer, and its "shell" is a methyl methacrylate grafted polymer with good compatibility with PVC. The processing type ACR is widely used in PVC products in China, with the main purpose of improving the processing performance of PVC. It is usually generated by the grafting copolymerization of methyl methacrylate with methacrylates and acrylic esters. PVC type, but PVC resin itself has weak heat and shear transfer, resulting in uneven melt formation. ACR modifier can significantly improve the surface gloss and other characteristics of PVC and products.
The performance of plastic products is closely related to processing aids, and the development of high-tech has greatly helped improve the performance of plastic materials, making them widely used materials. Among them, plastic processing aids have been promoted and the variety is increasing, making it more convenient to improve material properties.


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