Introduction to PVC plastic processing aids

The working principle of processing aids: PVC melt has poor ductility and is prone to melt breakage; The slow relaxation of PVC melt can easily lead to rough, matte, and shark skin on the surface of the product. Therefore, PVC processing often requires the addition of processing aids to improve the above-mentioned defects in its melt. Processing aids are a type of additive that can improve the processing performance of resins. Their main ways of action include promoting resin melting, modifying melt rheology, and endowing lubrication functions. Promotes resin melting. When PVC resin is heated under shear force, the processing modifier first melts and adheres to the surface of PVC resin particles. Based on its compatibility with the resin and high molecular weight, the viscosity and friction of PVC increase, effectively transferring shear stress and heat to the entire PVC resin, accelerating the rheological properties of PVC melt. Modified PVC melt has disadvantages such as poor strength, poor ductility, and melt fracture, And processing modifiers can improve the above-mentioned problems of the melt. The mechanism of its action is to increase the viscoelasticity of PVC melt, thereby improving off mold expansion and increasing melt strength. Allowing lubricating processing modifiers to be compatible with PVC first melts, promoting melting; The incompatible parts with PVC migrate outside the molten resin system, thereby improving demolding performance


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